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Artistic Director

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Dear Friends,

It has been over a year since I had the opportunity to contact you with exciting news. Peace Mountain Theatre Company is finally going live!!  Excitement is growing as plans for the opening performance of DISGRACED, by Ayad Akhtar, begins. We will also be moving into our new venue, The Writer’s Center, in Bethesda, Maryland.                                                                    

I would be remiss if I did not reflect on what has led us to this wonderful event. PMTC’s staff has worked hard to bring unique and exciting theatre to our patrons during the COVID pandemic. With thanks to technology, we took off into cyberspace.  Of course, first we had to figure out how to do that! With the help and guidance of so many friends of PMTC, we successfully “zoomed” to you an outstanding production of SPICES, created and directed by PMTC board member Jackie Youm. SPICES brought you, free of charge, the combined work of Black writers with the talent of Black actors.

We then reached out to our Educational Outreach Department and several outstanding programs were created for our zoom audience. Once again, we were able to present them free of charge to our patrons. A roundtable discussion on how the pandemic is affecting our children was conducted and led by PMTC board member Cathleen Gallagher. A panel of experts brought important information to parents and grandparents on this vital issue.  

A play entitled THE OTHER was next on the program. This play dealt with how we experience and perceive those who are different from us. Interestingly, this was an interactive performance. When the play concluded, I had the opportunity to guide our young audience members online in re-writing the play, acting in the play, and/or discussing the play. This was an extremely rewarding experience for all of us at PMTC as we saw and listened to the comments and ideas of our young patrons.  

Our final Educational Outreach program was a Zoom performance of THE EMPTY CHAIR. An extremely poignant one-act play, THE EMPTY CHAIR deals with today’s opioid crisis, with an emphasis on children ages 12-18. PMTC is especially proud of all of these Educational Outreach programs because the actors in these plays are young acting students in middle school, high school and college. We are privileged to give these young people an opportunity to flex their acting muscles.


Our last technological venture was into cinema. PMTC produced our first film, TO THE NEW GIRL. Set on location, [thanks to the beautiful home of Board member Peri Schuyler] and directed by myself, women told the sometimes funny, sometimes wrenching stories of lost love. Four highly talented actresses poured their hearts and souls into these powerful monologues and our audience members responded in kind. We were happy to, once again, present this film free to people all over the country and we thank those who emailed us on the outstanding acting and technical aspects of the film.


I think this brings you up to date on what we’ve been doing lo these many months away from live theatre. One thing I want you to know is how much we have missed you! Peace Mountain Theatre Company appreciates every one of you; we really could not do what we do without you.  We are looking forward to greeting you as you come through the doors of The Writer’s Center to see DISGRACED in November.  It is a powerful play that will have you discussing it all the way home. In February we will bring you August Wilson’s play RADIO GOLF followed by Edward Albee’s play, THREE TALL WOMEN in May.  


Wishing you all good health and I’ll see you this November at The Writer’s Center!!



Laurie T. Freed