Thoughts from our

Artistic Director

Dear Friends,

The last time I wrote an article for Peace Mountain’s website the company was preparing to mount Alfred Uhrey’s play, DRIVING MISS DAISY.  After several postponements, due to the widening covid 19 pandemic, PMTC reached the painful decision to cancel the play. Cancelling a play is anathema to all theatre companies but PMTC had no choice in the matter. Our patron’s health, as well as our own staff’s health, mattered beyond our hoped for production of DRIVING MISS DAISY.

This is a difficult time for people involved in live performance art. The whole point of live performance is to perform in front of an audience. With all theaters across the nation forced to shutter in place, a huge feeling of emptiness has been left in all who devote their time, talent and heart in the creation of theater art. It did not take long for theaters to realize that there are a myriad of ways to reach audiences; zoom,

streaming, you-tube and countless other cyber avenues opened up opportunities for theaters to present staged musicals, dramas, comedies, reader’s theater, dance, cinema, and theater/cinema discussions.     

Peace Mountain Theatre Company immediately jumped into cyber space and will be presenting four distinctly different programs via zoom. Our first event will be held Sunday, September 13, 2020 with a program, directed by Jackie Youm, called SPICES; a collection of monologues and poems, written by Black playwrights and poets, and performed by Black actors, expressing the Joy and Pain of the Black experience. This performance underscores PMTC’s belief in and adherence to Black Lives Matter. I hope you will tune in to hear, understand and feel the passion of Black men and women.

Laurie T. Freed, Artistic Director