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Not in MY Backyard

On Sunday, April 8, 2018, PMTC presented "THE OPIOID CRISIS: NOT IN MY BACKYARD." 


Did you know that Governor Hogan has declared Maryland in a state of emergency due to the use of opioids?  Six people die every day in Maryland from heroin or opioids.  In 2016, 2,100 people overdosed in Maryland; 162 of them lived in Montgomery County.


The program included a theatrical performance, followed by a panel of experts, and concluded with a Question and Answer period. 


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For your information, we are providing below a list of resources regarding the Opioid crisis. The list below has been updated to include, a) additions to the Educaton list, and b) activist organizations that are working to improve pollicy and resources for those afflicted with opioid addtion. We hope this information will aid you in learning more about the Opioid drug problem and about sources of support and assistance. We encourage you to pass this information along to friends and/or family who may benefit from it.  The links below are not clickable; please copy and paste them into your browser to view them.

Opportunities for Activism

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids,  The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is dedicated to supporting families as they search for answers to address their son or daughter’s substance use. We offer personalized guidance and support for families struggling with addiction-

The FED UP! Coalition.  A grassroots coalition seeking action from the federal government to bring the epidemic of addition and overdose public health crisis to an end the -

Coalition to Stop Opioid Overdose (CSOO), A coalition of more than 30 organizations dedicated to stopping opioid overdose. CSOO aims to elevate the national conversation around opioid overdose and works to enact meaningful and comprehensive policy change that supports prevention, treatment, and recovery services.


The Opioid Epidemic, What Caused the Opioid Epidemic and The Heroin Epidemic, What Caused the Heroin Epidemic. A discussion of the history, causes, lobbying activities, marketing, the pharmaceutical industry and current searches for solutions.

Changing Lives Through Addiction Care and Education -

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) -

National Institute on Drug Abuse  (NIDA):

Pleasure Unwoven YOUTUBE  - Dr, Kevin T. McCauley

Chasing the Dragon -

Montgomery County Alliance to Prevent Youth Substance Abuse- Information on programs, educational support and information sources in Montgomery County -

Bethesda Magazine Aug, 2017, County Facing Surge in Opioid Deaths, Like Rest of State- magazine article addressing opioid problems in Montgomery County-

Before Its Too Late, Maryland website on Opioids- the statewide effort to bring awareness to the rapid escalation of the heroin, opioid, and fentanyl crisis in Maryland–and to mobilize all available resources for effective prevention, treatment, and recovery before it’s too late. -

Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP)- information and links about and from the Internet Pharmacy industry regarding opioids -

Support for Parents

Operation Prevention - DEA and Discovery Education developed program-

Partnership for Drug Free  Kids -

Montgomery County Alliance to Prevent Youth Substance Abuse, Information on programs, educational support and information sources in Montgomery County -

Substance Abuse Screening, Assessments, Treatment

Suburban Hospital Bethesda Md -  Behavioral Health - Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment

Medstar Montgomery Olney Md - Behavioral Health - Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment

Montgomery County Md Health and Human Services - Low income support

Crisis Center, Montgomery County Maryland Dept Health and Human Services - Addresses the services provided by Montgomery County's 24 hour crisis center-


Opioid Help is a resource for news and information about Opioids: 

Treatment Centers

Journeys Adult and Adolescents -
Addiction Center –


The Recovery Village -