2:00 PM

An Online Performance

On September 13, the [virtual] aroma of spices floated over the airwaves as PMTC’s Educational Outreach Program presented Spices, a series of monologues and poems from black artists. In the aftermath of the turmoil arising from the murder of George Floyd, Artistic Director Laurie Freed realized that PMTC had to get involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. One of the best things that theatre offers is the forum in which ideas and voices can be heard.

As Laurie stated, “This was an opportunity to use the words of Black playwrights, Black poets, and Black actors to tell their stories, to highlight their experiences, and to do this in their own voices.” Good fortune brought PMTC Jacqueline Youm, who will

direct this production; she is a very talented young woman, recently highlighted in the July issue of the PMTC newsletter. A casting call for African-American actors has been issued, auditions have begun, and rehearsals will be starting soon.

PMTC was proud to have produced such a program and we hope all of you will have a chance to view and appreciate Spices: Monologues & Poems by Black Artists

The Spices show was held on zoom at 2 PM on Sunday, Sept 13, 2020

For those who did not attend on September 13th, watch it on the Peace Mountain Theatre Company YouTube.