The REVIEWS are IN! "Disgraced" is a HIT!

DCMetroTheaterArts says, “A captivating, explosive ‘Disgraced’ from Peace Mountain Theatre…‘Disgraced’ raises questions about the tensions of appreciating one’s cultural heritage without falling into a pit of assimilation. It’s a delicate continuum. Director Bill Hurlbut described how we’re all in different places, different worlds than when the show premiered in…The year 2020 has ushered in a societal cultural reckoning along with the pandemic that has rocked our worlds. The intimacy (and COVID safety protocols for masks and seating in place in the Writer’s Center) and terrific acting bring the challenging realities of ‘Disgraced’ front and center into our hearts and minds. Even if you’ve seen previous productions [of ‘Disgraced’ ], this one is worth catching.” (Pictured: Omar LaTire as Amir, Amber Champ as Jory, Emily Joyce as Emily, David Dubov as Issac.)

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Bobbe Mintz of Chevy Chase relates, “I saw this play last [Thursday] night…Thought provoking and wonderfully performed, this play is a wow. And the theater crew have insured that the audience feels taken care of and secure. Don’t forget your most comfy mask. You and everyone else not on stage needs to wear one. (I brought my vax card. We are lucky thus theater group performs so near to us.” (Pictured: Omar LaTiri as Amir and Hamza Elnaggar as Abe).

MD Theatre Guide writes, “'Disgraced' teaches without preaching. Its characters are windows into society and ourselves. . . All five actors play perfectly off each other which is attributable to the fine direction of Hurlbut who truly understands the author. He purposefully does not give clarity to the questions raised by [playwright] Akhtar, which makes this all work so well. We…never see the world truly honestly. How [the protagonist] deals with his disgrace and how we deal with ours can never be answered in the present, or, perhaps, never…This production is top-notch in every respect. If you can catch it this coming weekend, you will not be disappointed. (Pictured: Emily Joyce as Emily and Omar LaTiri as Amir).

Read the complete review here.

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