Peace Mountain Theatre Company Announces Auditions for August Wilson's "Radio Golf"

Peace Mountain Theatre Company is holding auditions for August Wilson’s Radio Golf, directed by Eleanore Tapscott. The production will run for six live performances (plus a preview) at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, February 17-27, 2022.

Audition Dates and times:

November 14 and 15, 2021, 7:00 – 9:30 pm: in-person auditions at the Writer’s Center

November 16, 2021, 7:00 – 9:30 pm: callbacks by appointment (if needed) at the Writer’s Center

Please sign up for an audition time HERE.

All roles are open. Peace Mountain Theatre Company is a professional company and all actors will be paid.

· The audition will consist of a cold read from the play.

· Please bring a headshot and resuméto the audition.

· Please provide all known or possible schedule conflicts between November

14, 2021 and February 25, 2022. (A conflict calendar will be distributed at

the audition.)

· For questions or further information, please contact the Director, Eleanore

Tapscott, at

Covid Safety Precautions and Policy: Actors and production staff are required to be fully vaccinated. (Proof will be required; this can be a physical copy or digital photograph of your vaccination record.) If you have been exempted from vaccination, you will need to provide proof of a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of your audition. All persons attending auditions are required to wear a mask (even if vaccinated) during their time in the audition room and also to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19. (Auditioners are required to wear masks when not reading.)


Set in 1997, Radio Golf is a direct confrontation of past and present. Is it possible for Black culture and heritage to be preserved when it is integrated into mainstream White society? Mayoral candidate Harmond Wilks finds his identity shaken when his values and morals are questioned by those around him. What is the price of success and what must be done to achieve it? What is the cost of progress and what is lost along the way? This is the great August Wilson’s final story in his epic 10-play cycle of the African-American experience in the 20th Century.

Casting: 4 Male, 1 Female. All characters are African-American. Actors should be able to believably play people in the listed age ranges.


HARMOND WILKS (Male, 30-45): a Pittsburgh real estate developer seeking to revitalize the Hill District and become mayor; his desire for success is balanced by his need to preserve his roots.

Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

MAME WILKS (Female, 30-42): Harmond’s wife and campaign manager.

She is creative and detail-oriented, a smart businesswoman who is shrewd, charming, affable, and in the running to become the Governor’s press representative. Mame is the voice of reason for Harmond.

Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

ROOSEVELT HICKS (Male, 30-45): Harmond’s long-time friend. A gambler by nature, he has invested everything (literally and figuratively) in Harmond’s plans for the future of the Hill; an aggressive capitalist always pursuing his next big deal, he is a serious golf enthusiast.

Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

STERLING JOHNSON (Male, 30-45): A weary survivor of the streets, tough, practical and blunt. Currently working as a contractor and handyman in the neighborhood, Sterling once went to school with Harmond and knew his brother.

Ethnicity: Black/African-American.

ELDER JOSEPH "OLD JOE" BARLOW (Male, 50+): Wise elder who is non-threatening, peaceful, and practical. He is an elderly man who is disputing the demolition of an old, dilapidated house on the Hill.

Ethnicity: Black/African-American

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