On January 24, 2021, PMTC is staging the live (via Zoom) interactive performance of a short, one-act play, THE OTHER. This story relates the frightening experience of four young people lost in the woods as darkness descends. They’ve discovered a shack and must make a decision. Seek help from the strangers within? Stay where they are? You, the audience, will have the opportunity to incorporate your ideas into the script. The outcome(s) depend on you!

Part of Peace Mountain’s Educational Outreach program is supporting young, beginning actors as they build their theatre career. Here we introduce the four young cast members of THE OTHER.

Hamza Elnaggar

Hamza is a student at East Coast Polytechnic Institute and has been acting since 2018; he has been doing Zoom theatre since the pandemic. Recent performances include The Importance of Being Earnest, Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Rockefeller Special, and Lady Windermere’s Fan.

Allison Howlett

Allison Howlett is a sophomore at Richard Montgomery High School, where she played in The Addams Family (Pugsley) and What’s In a Name? (Keep). Although still a student, Allison has already been acting for several years. In 2019, she took part in Peace Mountain Theatre Company’s Educational Outreach program Cyber-Mare and in 2016 was in the Rockville Little Theatre production of Our Town.

Kanika Savoy

Kanika is a student at Trinity Washington College in the communications field who loves learning about culture and has a passion for the performing arts.

She has had the opportunity to participate in several zoom plays over the past few months, including Monologues of Black Authors, produced and directed at Silver Spring Stage by Jacqueline Youm. In that production she wrote and performed the monologue “Wax On or Don’t”. Kanika also took part in the Four Points Film Project.

Elyon Topolosky

Elyon Topolosky is a junior at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School and happy to be involved in numerous extra-curricular activities despite this difficult environment. THE OTHER is Elyon’s fifth production with Peace Mountain Theatre Company. He appeared previously in PMTC's All my Sons (Bert), Lost in Yonkers (Arty), Cyber-Mare (Kurt), and The Empty Chair (Justin). Elyon has also trained and performed with Imagination Stage, Adventure Theatre, Educational Theatre Company, and La Mezzo Studio.

The play is being produced and directed by Jacqueline Youm. Jacqueline, a member of the PMTC Board of Directors, is familiar to PMTC audiences as director and host for our first Zoom production, Spices: Black Joy & Black Pain. A Collection of Monologues and Poems by Black Artists.

PMTC’s Laurie T. Freed, a registered drama therapist, will guide thespians in the audience as they interact with the play's actors. She holds Master's degrees in both Theatre and in Drama Therapy and has taught theatre performance for children from 5 through 17, as well as college-age students. Laurie is also a well-known stage actor and director, as well as the Artistic Director for Peace Mountain Theatre Company.

This will be a live presentation on Zoom. More information and the Zoom link will be included in coming editions of this newsletter.

Live on Zoom – Sunday, January 24, 4:00 pm

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