Meet Jacqueline Youm

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Jacqueline Youm is a Senegalese actor and writer. A graduate of American University Washington College of Law, she has been acting and writing since high school. In addition to acting, she teaches French, Spanish, and English and coaches mediation and negotiations.

Jacqueline created and organized an event where artists wrote monologues and poems about their experiences as black persons. She wrote and performed a monologue titled simply SKIN. “I decided to write about my black skin because I remembered all of the videos of little black girls saying how they hated their black skin. They hated it because they were being teased for the color of their skin. I wanted to write how black skin can be uplifted. Even though there are people who associate black skin with bad words and adjectives, there are also beautiful words and adjectives that are associated with black skin.” See TBD video below:

You can watch this video by clicking on the following link:

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