How You Can Help the Theater Community

With the cancellation and/or postponement of productions, theater personnel and organizations face significant financial hardship. Peter Marks said in The Washington Post, “If you didn’t know that the country’s 100,000 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations live on the edge, consider these statistics: the average museum and performing arts group operates with less than two months of working capital on hand and the average orchestra has a cushion of just 15 days.”2  In these times when the world seems to be closing around us, and so many are out of work and in need, let us remember the enjoyment that theater has brought to us in venues large and small, by amateurs and professionals, with a cadre of skilled support personnel or with a few dedicated volunteers.  

*Donate to your local theater group or to the fund below.

*Project Change has four wonderful teaching artists who are out of work. Make a gift to Team of Stars to keep this theatre program for under served kids alive. The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County will match your gift!

*And don’t forget PMTC! Get involved: Donate! Volunteer! We need you!

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