Happy New Year from PMTC !!!!

It is possible that the dawning of a fresh, new year has never in recent times been awaited with such eagerness! The welcome arrival and distribution of the COVID vaccines are perhaps harbingers of the time to come when we can be together again – to talk, to laugh, to simply be with one another.

Zoom in with us on January 24, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86029860284

PMTC’s FREE performance of the short, one-act play, THE OTHER, goes live on Zoom Sunday, January 24 at 4:00 pm.

It’s raining, it’s growing dark, and you’re lost in the woods with some friends. Just ahead light from the windows of a shack is visible, but the voices coming from within sound strange to you. What should you do? Stay where you are? Seek shelter in the shack?

How would you tell the story? Did the actors make the right decision? Is there a “right” course of action?

Parents and Grandparents: This story is perfect for students from late elementary school age through mid teens. When the performance is over, your youngsters will have the opportunity to tell the actors what to say, what to do. The cast will then redo portions of the play in response to suggestions from the audience and you can observe how the play changes as new ideas are incorporated into the script.

This interactive approach will be a fun and interesting way for young people to take part in the development of a play – the outcomes will depend on them! They will also be dealing with important issues in today’s ever changing world.

PMTC’s Laurie T. Freed, a registered drama therapist, will guide thespians in the audience as they interact with the play's actors. She holds Master's degrees in both Theatre and in Drama Therapy and has taught theatre performance for children from 5 through 17, as well as college-age students.

This FREE performance, part of the Peace Mountain Theatre Company Educational Outreach Program, will air on Zoom at 4:00 PM on Sunday, January 24. Please feel free to pass on this information and the link to anyone you know who might be able to benefit from the program and discussion.

Please join us January 24, 4:00pm


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