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As we hunker down and shelter in place, we have time to reach back to get some context, and reach out virtually, to stay connected. As we watch the doctors, nurses and all the health providers, the real troops on the front lines, we wonder what we can do. Here are some thoughts from us at Peace Mountain Theatre Company. Stay home. Stay well. We are all one community. History and Context To paraphrase the author Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera, we, all of us, are experiencing Life in the Time of Corona (well, Coronavirus). Daily, even hourly, we are bombarded with updates, warnings, notifications, restrictions until it seems that our lives are spiraling inwards. But we are fortunate in that in the age of the internet, we need only practice physical social distancing. With access to the web, our world opens up, if only virtually. FaceTime or Zoom with your family and friends. Stay close from afar. Writing in The Washington Post online on March 27, Simon Godwin, artistic director of the Shakespeare Theatre, wrote about theater in the time of Shakespeare. In addition to the “normal” risks of being a playwright or operating a theater, “theaters were closed by proclamations preventing ‘mass gatherings’ during outbreaks of the plague.” “During the longest of these shutdowns (c. 1605-1607), Shakespeare composed some of his most celebrated tragedies: “King Lear,” “Macbeth” and “Antony and Cleopatra.” With the stages closed, he needed a way to reach a popular audience in their homes. He turned to the new practice of publication. Adversity was a business opportunity even then.”1

Resources To Help Us Weather the Storm Here are a number of local resources that can provide a measure of relief during these times WETA-TV’s website offers some suggestions on coping with enforced “togetherness” Several local grocery store are offering early shopping hours exclusively for seniors; the link below lists locations for stores in Montgomery County Home delivery of groceries is available through several local grocery stores Giant’s Peapod service: Whole Foods: Amazon Prime Now:

Safeway: Harris Teeter: Free meal service for Montgomery County school students:

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