2020- A Year in Turmoil

Our world has been disrupted. We have been invaded by two deadly viruses – the coronavirus and the virus of racism. Both are deadly, both have been pervasive, and both have torn apart the fabric of our society.

The issues we face are those we face with any disease – treatment and prevention. For the coronavirus, we are struggling on both counts, but progress has been made; social distancing, testing, and intensive vaccine research have given us the means to begin coping with the disease and slowing its spread.

Unfortunately, racism is a more insidious enemy spreading its poison not only through obvious acts of discrimination and prejudice, but silently, either through ignorance or indifference. The tragedy is that we must be reminded that Black Lives Matter. Reminded that freedom, justice, dignity, respect applies to us all.

These principles are firmly embedded in the mission of the Peace Mountain Theatre Company. But principles are only words until they are put into action. PMTC continuously strives to bring them to fruition through:

Play selection – seeking out plays and playwrights whose works address issues confronting our society today and giving voice to those whose voices have struggled to be heard

Casting – emphasizing that there are no barriers to race and ethnicity in casting, and further, actively reaching out to those communities to inform them of opportunities in acting, design, and other production activities


  • Audience Expansion – working with black and other minority communities, listening to and gaining input from discussions with them

  • Educational Outreach – this effort operates in two ways: 1) producing special performances specifically dealing with issues affecting our communities and following these performances with expert panels and audience participation; and 2) providing enrichment to our regular season performances by presenting panel discussions elaborating on issues brought out in the play being performed.

  • Administrative – encouraging active participation in developing and/or carrying out PMTC programs through membership on the PMTC board or on play selection, marketing, and fund-raising committees

Please join us in our ongoing commitment.

Black voices must be heard; PMTC listens.

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