A One-Act Interactive Play Presented by Peace Mountain Theatre Company

On January 24, 2021, PMTC will stage a live (via Zoom) performance of a short one-act play, THE OTHER. This play tells the tale of four kids, lost in the woods and scared, not knowing which way to turn. Caught in a rainstorm, they discover a small shack nearby, but the problem is – there are strange voices, strange sounds coming from within. Should they seek shelter at this place? Stay where they are? What should they do?

More importantly, what would YOU do if you were in their shoes? If it were YOU and your friends?


When the performance is over, you will have the opportunity to tell the actors what to say, what to do. How would you tell the story? Did the actors make the right decision? Is there a “right” course of action?

This performance is your chance to be the director, the writer, or the actor; the ideas are all yours. Observe how the play changes as new ideas are incorporated into the script.  

[Parents and Grandparents: This story is perfect for children from elementary school age through early teens. PMTC invites you to watch this performance with your children and to work with them in formulating their ideas for restructuring the play.]

PMTC’s Laurie T. Freed, a registered drama therapist, will guide thespians in the audience as they interact with the play's actors. She holds Master's degrees in both Theatre and in Drama Therapy and has taught theatre performance for children from 5 through 17, as well as college-age students. She was Director of Education for Adventure Theater and Director of Iris, a special-needs program for Imagination Stage. Laurie is also a well-known stage actor and director, as well as the Artistic Director for Peace Mountain Theatre Company.

This will be a live presentation on Zoom. More information on the actors and the Zoom link will be included in coming editions of this newsletter. 

Live on Zoom – SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 4:00 P.M.

And – As we are not receiving any revenue to help defray the costs associated with production, we rely on you to help us by making tax-deductible contributions to PMTC. We will be most appreciative if you will make a donation by pressing the DONATE link below. This will help us continue producing the quality productions that have been our trademark over the years. Thank you!