Donald Margulies

COLLECTED STORIES, by Tony and Pulitzer Award winning playwright Donald Margulies, is the provocative tale of prominent short story writer Professor Ruth Steiner (Natalie McManus) and her protege' Lisa Morrison (Lena Winter); two women from extremely different milieus.  Their relationship explodes when Steiner realizes that Morrison, in her first novel, has cannibalized her mentor's life experiences, to wit her youthful, shattering affair with poet Delmore Schwartz.  Set in Steiner's Greenwich Village apartment, Margulies' sharply written and incisive dialogue is both literate and intellectually stimulating.  "Margulies has created an authentic, detailed and insular world....This is probably [his] best play to date."  N.Y. Post


COLLECTED STORIES premiered on Broadway in 2010.  Margulies' play deals with themes and issues that are universal to us all: loss, change, the effects of time, and dealing with one's own mortality.  Their universality crosses all cultures, highlighting a multitude of human relationships.  According to Margulies, people are always looking for and creating families out of their acquaintances, friendships and even workplaces. Specific to COLLECTED STORIES is the relationship of mentor and protege' that evolves into one of parent and child.  The sustainability of a relationship is challenged when expectations begin to change over time. The balance of power slowly begins to shift and the once loving relationship implodes with devastating consequences.

Surrounding Margulies' play are the soulful sounds of jazz and the beat poets of America in the 1950s, notable giants, such as Ginsberg, Berryman, Kerouac, Dizzy, Brubeck, Getz and the tragic genius of Delmore Schwartz. They sounded out the rhythms of a time when the youth of America were attempting to break societal rules.  Jazz and poetry helped lead the way in this anti-conformist movement, placing in conflict two distinct milieus.


"This show was every bit as good as what you'd find on Broadway."

"Thank you for a fantastic production. We look forward to your next show."

"Dear Ms. Freed, I saw Collected Stories with several of my friends last week. We have not stopped discussing and debating this play....Peace Mountain Theatre Company's work is impressive; we're fortunate to have a theatre of such high caliber in the area."

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